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TE today provide solutions that power electric vehicles, aircraft, digital factories, and smart homes. Innovation that enables life-saving medical care, sustainable communities, efficient utility networks, and the global communications infrastructure. For more than 75 years, they have partnered with customers to produce highly engineered connectivity and sensing products that make a connected world possible. They focus on reliability and durability, their commitment to progress, and the unmatched range of their product portfolio enables companies large and small to turn ideas into technology that can transform how the world works and lives tomorrow. They invest in significant research, development, and engineering to meet the rigorous demands of their customers’ increasingly complex technology. Their expertise in materials science research, advanced design methods, and global manufacturing capability allow them to create the rugged and reliable solutions engineers and entrepreneurs need. They encourage, inspire, and challenge every employee to unleash their potential in meaningful ways that help advance purpose and strategy. Across their entire organization, they support professional growth and contribute to a culture that embraces diversity, expects inclusion, and values engagement. At TE, when their teams are working together, they are making their company stronger. With employees, customers, engineering centers and factories around the world, and their sales coming almost equally from the Americas, Asia/Pacific and EMEA regions, they have the advantage of being a truly global industrial technology leader. At TE,they operate with the highest standards of ethics and sustainability. They embrace their responsibility to the customers and communities they serve as well as to the future of our planet. They believe in the power of a diverse, inclusive organization. Across TE, they demonstrate their commitment to this belief every day. Their leadership team reflects and champions this belief. Their teams work closely together – across functions and regions – to meet the needs of customers, shareholders, partners, and employees.

Circuit Protection

Circuit Breaker Accessories Circuit Breakers Circuit Protection Kits ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes Fuse Clips
Fuse Holder Fuse Holder Accessories Specialty Fuses Gas Discharge Tubes - GDTs / Gas Plasma Arrestors Surge Suppressors
NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) Thermistors PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) Thermistors Resettable Fuses - PPTC Varistors


DIN Connectors HDMI, Displayport & DVI Connectors Loudspeaker Connectors Phone Connectors RCA Phono Connectors
Automotive Connectors DIN 41612 Connectors Hard Metric Connectors High Speed/Modular Connectors PC/104 Connectors
Rack & Panel Connectors Board to Board & Mezzanine Connectors Micro TCA Connectors PCI Express/PCI Connectors Standard Card Edge Connectors
Circular DIN Connectors Circular Metric Connectors Circular MIL Spec Backshells Circular MIL Spec Connector Circular MIL Spec Contacts
Circular MIL Spec Strain Reliefs & Adapters Circular MIL Spec Tools, Hardware & Accessories Circular Push Pull Connectors Standard Circular Connector Standard Circular Contacts
Data Bus Components - Accessories Data Bus Components - Box Couplers Data Bus Components - Connectors Data Bus Components - Contacts Data Bus Components - Microcouplers
Data Bus Components - Terminators D-Sub Adapters & Gender Changers D-Sub Backshells D-Sub Contacts D-Sub Dualport Connectors
D-Sub High Density Connectors D-Sub Micro-D Connectors D-Sub Mixed Contact Connectors D-Sub Standard Connectors D-Sub Tools & Hardware
FFC & FPC Connectors Fibre Optic Connectors Headers & Wire Housings I/O Connectors IC & Component Sockets
IEEE 1394 Connectors In-Line Junction Modules Junction System Contacts Junction System Tools & Accessories Socket Junction Modules
Terminal Junction Modules Lighting Connectors Memory Card Connectors DIMM Connectors SIMM Connectors
D-Sub MIL Spec Connectors Rectangular MIL Spec Connectors RF MIL Spec Connectors Modular Connectors / Ethernet Connectors Pin & Socket Connectors
AC Power Entry Modules AC Power Plugs & Receptacles DC Power Connectors Heavy Duty Power Connectors Power to the Board
RF Adapters - Between Series RF Adapters - In Series RF Adapters - Tee RF Connector Accessories RF Connector Tools
RF Connectors / Coaxial Connectors RF Terminators Solar Connectors / Photovoltaic Connectors Barrier Terminal Blocks Fixed Terminal Blocks
Pluggable Terminal Blocks Terminal Block Tools & Accessories Terminals Unspecified Connectors USB Connectors


Encoders Circuit Board Hardware - PCB Knobs & Dials Mounting Fixings Screws & Fasteners
Standoffs & Spacers I/O Modules Contactors - Electromechanical Controllers Photoelectric Sensors
Control Switches Emergency Stop Switches / E-Stop Switches DIN Rail Terminal Blocks Terminal Block Interface Modules Industrial Relays
Solenoids & Actuators AC, DC & Servo Motors Printers Automotive Relays General Purpose Relays
High Frequency / RF Relays Low Signal Relays - PCB Reed Relays Relay Sockets & Fixings Safety Relays
Solid State Relays - Industrial Mount Solid State Relays - PCB Mount Time Delay & Timing Relays Basic / Snap Action Switches Coded Rotary Switches
Detector Switches DIP Switches/SIP Switches Keylock Switches Pushbutton Switches Rocker Switches
Rotary Switches Slide Switches Industrial Panel Mount Indicators / Switch Indicators Switch Actuators Switch Bezels / Switch Caps
Switch Cases / Switch Covers Switch Fixings Tactile Switches Thumbwheel Switches & Pushwheel Switches Toggle Switches

Embedded Solutions

RF Development Tools Programmers - Universal & Memory Based Sockets & Adapters LED Lighting Development Tools Magnetic Sensor Development Tools
Multiple Function Sensor Development Tools Position Sensor Development Tools Pressure Sensor Development Tools Temperature Sensor Development Tools Ethernet Modules
Multiple Function Sensor Modules Temperature Sensor Modules Software RF Modules


Enclosures, Boxes & Cases Racks & Rack Cabinet Accessories Electrical Enclosures


TFT Displays & Accessories Fibre Optic Transmitters, Receivers, Transceivers Lamp Holders & Accessories Lamps LED Circuit Board Indicators
LED Light Pipes LED Lighting Fixture Accessories High Power LEDs - White LED Lighting Mounting Accessories LED Lighting Lenses
LED Lighting Lenses Assemblies Ambient Light Sensors Infrared Detectors High Speed Optocouplers Transistor Output Optocouplers

Passive Components

Antenna Accessories Antennas Audio Transformers / Signal Transformers Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors - Screw Terminal Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors - SMD
Capacitor Kits Ceramic Disc Capacitors Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT Film Capacitors Tantalum Capacitors - Solid Leaded
EMI Feedthrough Filters EMI Filter Circuits EMI Gaskets, Sheets, Absorbers & Shielding Ferrite Beads Crystals
Common Mode Chokes / Filters Fixed Inductors Inductor Kits & Accessories Potentiometers Rheostats
Slide Potentiometers Trimmer Resistors - SMD Trimmer Resistors - Through Hole Carbon Composition Resistors Ceramic Composition Resistors
Current Sense Resistors - SMD Current Sense Resistors - Through Hole Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole Metal Film Resistors - Through Hole Planar Resistors - Chassis Mount
Thick Film Resistors - SMD Thick Film Resistors - Through Hole Thin Film Resistors - SMD Thin Film Resistors - Through Hole MELF Resistors
Metal Foil Resistors - SMD Metal Oxide Resistors Resistor Hardware Resistor Kits Resistor Networks & Arrays
Wirewound Resistors - Chassis Mount Wirewound Resistors - SMD Wirewound Resistors - Through Hole


Battery Chargers Battery Contacts Coin Cell Battery Holders Cylindrical Battery Contacts, Clips, Holders & Springs Power Line Filters
LED Power Supplies Rack Mount Power Supplies Switching Power Supplies Power Transformers Pulse Transformers


Rectifiers Zener Diodes SCR Modules MOSFET Integrated Circuits - ICs
Audio CODECs Audio D/A Converter ICs 16-bit Microcontrollers - MCU Digital Isolators Buffers & Line Drivers
Counter Shift Registers Encoders, Decoders, Multiplexers & Demultiplexers Gate Drivers Voltage References Switching Voltage Regulators


MEMS Microphones Biometric Sensors Industrial Current Sensors Board Mount Humidity Sensors Industrial Humidity Sensors
Flow Sensors Linear Displacement Sensors Liquid Level Sensors Board Mount Hall Effect/Magnetic Sensors Accelerometers
Board Mount Motion & Position Sensors Inclinometers Industrial Motion & Position Sensors Vibration Sensors Optical Switches, Transmissive, Photo IC Output
Board Mount Pressure Sensors Force Sensors & Load Cells Industrial Pressure Sensors Proximity Sensors Sensor Fixings & Accessories
Board Mount Temperature Sensors Industrial Temperature Sensors Thermostats

Test & Measurement

Environmental Test Equipment LAN/Telecom/Cable Testing Digital Panel Meters Contact Probes Instrument Protection and Storage
Test Accessories - Other Test Connectors Test Plugs & Test Jacks Test Probes Test Sockets

Thermal Management

Blowers & Centrifugal Fans Fan Accessories AC Fans Heat Sinks Heat Sinks - LED

Tools & Supplies

Adhesive Tapes Antistatic Control Products Labels and Industrial Warning Signs Chemicals Desoldering Braid / Solder Removal
Solder Soldering & Desoldering Stations Soldering Irons Bench Top Tools Crimpers / Crimping Tools
Extraction, Removal & Insertion Tools Hand Tools Heat Guns & Nozzles Measuring Tools Other Tools
Pliers & Tweezers Punches & Dies Screwdrivers, Nut Drivers & Socket Drivers Spanners Tool Kits & Cases
Wire Stripping & Cutting Tools

Wire & Cable

Audio Cables / Video Cables / RCA Cables Computer Cables DC Power Cords D-Sub Cables Ethernet Cables / Networking Cables
HDMI Cables Lighting Cables Rectangular Cable Assemblies RF Cable Assemblies Ribbon Cables / IDC Cables
Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables Specialised Cables USB Cables / IEEE 1394 Cables Coaxial Cables FFC / FPC Jumper Cables
Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies Fibre Optic Cables Flat Cables Hook-up Wire Multi-Conductor Cables
Cable Glands, Strain Reliefs & Cord Grips Cable Mounting & Accessories Cable Tie Mounts Cable Ties Conduit Fittings & Accessories
Grommets & Bushings Heat Shrink Cable Boots & End Caps Heat Shrink Tubing and Sleeves Solder Sleeves & Shield Tubing Spiral Wraps, Sleeves, Tubing & Conduit
Wire Ducting & Raceways Wire Labels & Markers

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Stock Image 640252-1

Heavy Duty Power Connectors CRIMP CONT 18-24 35000

TE Connectivity 5329200
Ships to you
between Mon. 26 Dec to Fri. 13 Jan
179000+ From

Stock Image 281934-4

Automotive Connectors HSG ACC:WIRE SEAL GRN

TE Connectivity 5054066
Ships to you
between Fri. 02 Dec to Thu. 08 Dec
5000+ From

Stock Image 2178301-1

Terminals STR RECP 10-12 AWG F-Spring Contact

TE Connectivity 4649000
Ships to you
between Mon. 26 Dec to Fri. 13 Jan
230000+ From

Stock Image 1318954-1

Terminals 250 SER POSITIVE LK EX-

TE Connectivity 4389286
Ships to you
between Mon. 26 Dec to Fri. 13 Jan
185700+ From

Stock Image 62040-2

Terminals 1500-1500CMA TERMNAL

TE Connectivity 4230000
Ships to you
between Mon. 26 Dec to Fri. 13 Jan
450000+ From

Stock Image 346103-4


TE Connectivity 3744000
Ships to you
between Mon. 26 Dec to Fri. 13 Jan
25200+ From

Stock Image 2178438-1

TE Connectivity AMP Terminals STR RECP 20-24 AWG F-Spring Contact

TE Connectivity 3430000
Ships to you
between Mon. 26 Dec to Fri. 13 Jan
230000+ From

Stock Image CFR100J100R

Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 100Ohm 1W 500PPM

TE Connectivity 2861383
Ships to you
between Mon. 26 Dec to Fri. 13 Jan
338000+ From

Stock Image 175019-1

Automotive Connectors 187 FLAG REC 22-16 Reel of 4000

TE Connectivity 2742000
Ships to you
between Mon. 26 Dec to Fri. 13 Jan
100000+ From

Stock Image 2178300-1

Terminals STR RECP 14-18 AWG F-Spring Contact

TE Connectivity 2605000
Ships to you
between Mon. 26 Dec to Fri. 13 Jan
230000+ From

Stock Image 1544425-2

Headers & Wire Housings CTS 254 BRONZE ETA

TE Connectivity 2447977
Ships to you
between Thu. 08 Dec to Mon. 12 Dec
2500+ From

Stock Image 170140-2

Terminals .187 SRS RECEPTACLE

TE Connectivity 2212000
Ships to you
between Mon. 26 Dec to Fri. 13 Jan
98000+ From

Stock Image 62304-2

Terminals AMVAR SPLC 600-3000

TE Connectivity 2100000
Ships to you
between Mon. 26 Dec to Fri. 13 Jan
60000+ From

Stock Image 2178423-1

TE Connectivity AMP Terminals FLAG RECP 16-20 AWG F-Spring Contact

TE Connectivity 2072000
Ships to you
between Mon. 26 Dec to Fri. 13 Jan
50000+ From

Stock Image 2178439-1

TE Connectivity AMP Terminals FLAG RECP 12-16 AWG F-Spring Contact

TE Connectivity 2026000
Ships to you
between Mon. 26 Dec to Fri. 13 Jan
50000+ From

Stock Image 05811303

Wire Identification 5811303 EC0063-000

TE Connectivity 1830200
Ships to you
between Fri. 02 Dec to Thu. 08 Dec
100000+ From

Stock Image CRG0402F6K8

Thick Film Resistors - SMD CRG0402 1% 6K8

TE Connectivity 1623273
Ships to you
between Fri. 02 Dec to Thu. 08 Dec
15000+ From

Stock Image 63218-1


TE Connectivity 1480000
Ships to you
between Fri. 02 Dec to Thu. 08 Dec
504000+ From

Stock Image 1394476-1

Terminals MAG MATE ST-KONT2,0

TE Connectivity 1340000
Ships to you
between Mon. 26 Dec to Fri. 13 Jan
120000+ From

Stock Image M39029/56-351


TE Connectivity 1258380
Ships to you
between Fri. 02 Dec to Thu. 08 Dec
28+ From